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The 14 Best Chocolates in America, Bon Appetit

"David Briggs likes to walk between savory and sweet, with dark chocolate-covered Marcona almonds with pimenton and fleur de sel or a bar made with brown butter."

Portland’s Food Rules, Cooking Light

“…dark chocolate chicharrón bars, which are crunchy deep-fried bits of pork rind, robed in dark chocolate: basically, Nestlé Crunch of the Aztec gods.”

Meet eight Portland artisans who push the boundaries deliciously, MIX Magazine

More than half a decade ago when other chocolatiers were infusing their candies with spices and herbs, Briggs began experimenting with pork, a favorite ingredient for many Stumptown chefs. On his website under the section Pig, you’ll find eight different items like bacon caramel sauce or chicharrón. Some are limited editions, like the latter, made with fried pork rinds and Viridian Farms Calabrian chile powder. Like a porky, spiced Nestlé Crunch bar, it hits a lot of culinary targets, but somehow, it works.”

Ask The Foodist, Bon Appetit Magazine

My newest gift–and one I wish I could take credit for–is Raleigh candy bars from Xocolatl de David in Portland, OR. Bites of honey-pecan-chocolate nougat topped with bourbon caramel and covered in dark chocolate, it’s the best chocolate candy I’ve had. (Chocolatier David Briggs makes one with bacon caramel, too.) The tiny bars are ideally given by the dozen–or at least that’s how I’d want you to bring them to my house.”

Portland, Wonkaland, Wall Street Journal

"For those whose palates are more sophisticated, or who like their sweets on the savory side, Xocolatl de David is your go-to."

Xocolatl de Davíd's Sourdough Bar, San Francisco Chronicle

"The new bar is my ode to San Francisco with a nod to my favorite dish from Spanish cuisine - the pan de chocolate."

Meet Oregon Winner Xocolatl de David 

“The people here in Portland are dedicated locavores … and I [David] would not be where I am today if it were not for chefs, restaurateurs, farmers, and fellow artisans here offering help in anyway that they can.” He credits the Good Food Awards for bringing together different communities from around the country while doing his part to support his own local community.”